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Good Morning New Bern! Hope you’re having a great Friday here in the City of Bears! Grab yourself a cup of delicious Baker’s Kitchen coffee and hear all the talk of the City. It’s City Talk with Sabrina Bengel and Lee Bettis, every friday morning only on New Bern Live. 10-25-19 On today’s show Steve Tyson announces his run for NC House of Representatives.

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Good Morning New Bern! It’s Wednesday, that means we’re back with your Four Hourish Show. We’re in the Charles Tendell Live Stream Studio for the next four hours to talk about everything going on in New Bern, expect special guests and surprises and as always, join us in the comment section or call in at (252) 631-0139. It’s New Bern Live

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Joined by Underground Artists to talk about Raven and the Writing Desk, and interactive Alice and Wonderland themed art exhibition happening 10-26-19 at the Elks Lodge here in New Bern.

Good Morning New Bern! It’s New Music Monday here on New Bern Live, today we’re talking about Vinyl. Parker has a collection of indie vinyl bought from bands at shows, we’re going to talk about why it’s important and how your band can put out vinyl without a record label, also if you like music and you want to invest in something cool we’re going to talk about how you can be a record label.