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The Local Media Militia

New Bern Live is New Bern’s “Local Media Militia.” It is a team of community journalists, content creators, activists and commentators who live, work and thrive in New Bern, North Carolina.

Our Members

The Local Media Militia includes:

  • New Bern Live: The mother ship, aggregating and curating all that we have to offer.
  • New Bern Now: Online now for a decade, Wendy Card’s New Bern Now provides news and information about all the good things that are going on in the Greater New Bern Area.
  • New Bern Post: A site focusing on news, politics, policy, and local government specific to New Bern, brought to you by veteran journalist Randy Foster.
  • CityTalk: Every Friday, hosted by Sabrina Bengel and Lee Bettis, CityTalk focuses on the inner workings of New Bern.
  • All About Craven: Daily cable-access talk shows hosted by Steve Tyson, Angelina Doyle and Keith Boyd.
  • The Ledger: The print publication of New Bern Now, published quarterly and available free at locations throughout the New Bern area.
  • All About New Bern and Beyond: NewBernNow.com Podsquad with Wendy Card, Susan Moffat-Thomas, Rich Sheridan, and Colleen Roberts
  • About Technology: Charles Tendell offers his expertise and insights about technology.
  • MORONS: Men on Radio Offering Nonsensical Solutions (MORONS), with Daryl Harris, Keith Boyd, Jay Tyson, and Brent Dunlap

Meet the Team

New Bern Live is a diverse group of New Bern residents dedicated to helping New Bern become a better place to live and work. We do this by informing and engaging our readers with news, information and interactivity, as well as good old fashioned community participation.

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